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Happy Monday! It's time for another "inspired by" post. This weeks project was inspired by my new 2 planners I received for my birthday.

Becky Homick | @felicity_jane | "Tuesday"

They just happened to match this month's kit perfectly :)

Today I will be sharing with you how I set up the a5 striped planner. I decided I wanted to use it 2 ways, both as a realistic planner and as a memory planner.

Becky Homick | @felicity_jane | "Tuesday"

The monthly view page is where I will actually be planning. I use it to jot down important dates and my work schedule. I jazzed it up by using the puffy stickers from the main kit and the washi tape is an add on.

Becky Homick | @felicity_jane | "Tuesday"

The weekly pages I'm using for memory keeping. I love having all those little special moments written down so that I can look back to weeks past and see all that I have done.

Becky Homick | @felicity_jane | "Tuesday"

For this page I used the flower cut aparts from this month subscribers exclusive email as well as that adorable black and white striped bow. The "happiness" is from the puffy stickers sheet from the main kit.

Becky Homick | @felicity_jane | "Tuesday"

More goodies from the subscriber exclusive printable as well as just some simple black and white polka dot washi tape. Love how simple and clean these pages are. I'm not stressing over trying to fill in each day completely, just here and there with those special moments.

Hope you all have a fabulous crafty week!

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Where did you get the planners shown? Links please!


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