"What's really in my diaper bag" Layout  | Carol Chastain

"What's really in my diaper bag" Layout | Carol Chastain

"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Tuesday"

Hey y'all, happy Friday! So glad to be popping in again this week to share some tips and tricks with you. The first one is based on the title of the layout " What's really in my diaper bag" :

1.Make a Listed Layout. This could be the contents of your purse/bag like I did, what's on your night stand, things currently in your fridge, etc. Take a photo, write a list, and boom - layout material + story told.

"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Tuesday"

2.My second tip would be to utilize the stamp set from this month's kit. It is PERFECT for this sort of thing and I ended up using the "this and that" and "in real life" phrases nestled in my title.

"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Tuesday"

3.My third tip for you would be to make the patterned paper work for YOU. I am pretty smitten with that pink ombre paper and as luck would have it -the branding strip with numbers was exactly what I needed for this list based layout. I made it work for me by leaving the branding strip on the paper and cutting it down to the number "23" - which is the number of things on my list. I really dig this kind of detailing in my layouts and while others might not notice or care, it's fun to have personalized touches like that once in a while- after all, these are my stories I am telling.

"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Tuesday"

"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Tuesday"

Hope these tips were helpful and that y'all have a great- and maybe even- craft-filled weekend!

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So fun! Love the colors and the big title. These pages are so fun to look back on! ?

Julia K

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