"Hello Happy" Layout | Suse

"Hello Happy" Layout | Suse

SuseFish | @felicity_jane | Chloe

Gosh, it's been a tough few months (years actually!) Our house has taken *forever* to sell, but we're finally moving on... I wanted to make a layout to celebrate and commemorate the event.

SuseFish | @felicity_jane | Chloe

I really struggled to think how to document something that has actually felt like quite an ordeal. I knew I wouldn't want to keep a layout that told the story of how wearying the process has been, but I didn't want to just overlook the event either.

In the end, I decided to take a section of song lyrics that talk about how tough things can help to change us for the better, and how we can choose to be thankful for them.

SuseFish | @felicity_jane | Chloe

This layout actually started out as a grid layout, but pretty quickly morphed into a far more random arrangement!

I may have gone a bit overboard with the splatters at the end, but you know what? Having fun flicking paint about feels like it's all part of me saying 'hello happy' at the moment.

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Gorgeous, as always!


this is wonderful! LOVE the layers and the very randomness of the grid design!! so pretty! love the colors (of course!)! super lovely!

Samantha Mann

Good to scrap the hard things, too. You’ve done it beautifully.


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