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I know that I am not going to love every layout that I do and that is the reason that I am not a huge fan of re-scrapping a completed layout. But every once in awhile I finish a layout that I just really, really don't like. Instead of putting those misfit layouts in albums, I keep them in a pile in my scrap room. If I am ever feeling uninspired by my current photos or stories, or just going through a scrapbook slump, I will look through that pile of unfavorable layouts and pick one of them to re-scrap. 

Here is a look at one of the layouts I picked from my pile.

Banning Lane | @felicity_jane |

There is a couple of things I don't like about this layout, but the thing that bugs me the most is that the bright colors in the photos don't at all match the muted colors of the products I chose to use. This is a fun, happy story, and I knew the "Note To Self" kit would be the perfect kit to use to re-work this layout. 

Here is a look at the new layout:

banning Lane | @felicity_jane | "Note To Self"

If I am going to actually take the time to scrap a layout for the second, I want to make sure I am happy with the finished product. I make choices that I know I am going to love. I know that I love a white background, so that is what I started with. I also pick one of my go to layout designs that I know I will be happy with. I am happy to say that this layout is going into my daughter's album, and not back in the pile!!

Banning Lane | @felicity_jane | "Note To Self"

The "Note To Self" kit came with the perfect embellishments for this layout! I used the white acrylic word combined with a word strip from the cut apart sheet for my title. I think it turned out great!

banning Lane | @felicity_jane | "Note To Self"

I also knew I had to use the super cute #favorite flair. It went perfect with my story.

Banning Lane | @felicity_jane | "Note To Self"

For my journaling I just used my ruler to make some super straight lines, and then basically copied the words from the original layout!

If you want to see how this whole layout came together, you can watch my process video below

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Nice save!
I agree with you about the original colors, plus of course it looks fresh with new stash ;D
Love the photo in b/w as well, and the flair is indeed perfect.


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