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Hi my name is Janna Werner, I am a 37 year old mixed media crafter, author, designer, and online class instructor. I live in Oldenburg, Germany- together with my husband of 6 years and our 2 dogs, Luzie and Monti. It's an honor to be guest designer for Felicity Jane!

"Janna Werner | @felicity_jane | Note To Self"

"Yes, I Can!" Layout : I love creating typo clusters, mixing alphas and creating my own titles. Sometimes I use these clusters as my journaling, to create a sentence or a word block as I don't always like my handwriting on a scrapbooking page.

"Janna Werner | @felicity_jane | Note To Self"

The theme of the layout is my weight loss journey. It was quite a big deal for me to talk about it in public, but I thought it might encourage others to do the same and keep me motivated to stay on track.

 "Janna Werner| @felicity_jane | Note To Self"

This page has become 100% motivation , telling me I am in charge of what I eat, think, and do. Note to self: Yes, I can and I will!

"Janna Werner | @felicity_jane | Note To Self"

"Beautiful Place" Layout: A clean and quite simple page that took me longer than the first project! 8 1/2" x11" layout shows the inspiration wall in my creative room. It is my happy place, a beautiful and good room; therefore, I wanted the page to be happy, colorful, and light.

"Janna Werner | @felicity_jane | Note To Self"

I have to admit that the "hidden banner" came together after messing up :-D I needed something to cover that area and though, why not adding that strip of paper slightly on top of the banner? It makes it less prominent and you don't see the sometimes not so beautiful top elements.

"Janna Werner | @felicity_jane | Note To Self"

This scrapbooking layout is meant to make me happy whenever I look at it- no need for me to add journaling- it is meant as a reminder and empowerment.

I hope you enjoyed my post and got inspired to use the beautiful Felicity Jane May kit yourself :-)



 "Janna Werner | @felicity_jane | Note To Self"

Be sure to connect with Janna here:

Email: papiersalat@gmail.com





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Wow – I totally LOVE your style! Your clever use of all of the sentiments & stamps inspires me to pay more attention to those elements of my kit.


Janna, you already know I’m a huge fan – so lovely to see what gorgeousness results when your talent meets this yummy kit! xx

Suse Fish

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