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Hi friends! I am super excited to have my friend Lindsey McLaughlin visiting the blog today to share a fun project idea to get you ready for spring!  
DIY Spring Wreath   "I've had my Fall wreath hanging on my door through the winter and thought it was about time to change it up. And who isn't all about welcoming Spring? With hints of warm temperature here and there I am so ready for it to be Spring.  
I believe my husband thinks I can't hold still and I always have to be working on a project. Oh wait. That is the truth. I look forward to Saturdays to work on craft projects. This wreath would be one of them. I was able to sit down and watch a movie while making this. My favorite kind of projects. Here is what you will need to make this wreath."  
  • yarn
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue sticks
  • wreath (styrofoam works too)
  • 1 sheet of felt
  • fabric scissors
  "Wrapping the wreath with yarn: Making this type of wreath is simple. Find the end of the yarn and start wrapping the yarn around the wreath. It takes awhile to wrap the whole thing. That's when a movie comes in handy. Once it's all wrapped, heat up your hot glue gun and add a little dot of glue to the end of the yarn on the back of the wreath. Making the bow: Cut 2 4" strips the long way. Cut a dove tail on both ends of one of the 4" stripes. With the other strip hot glue the ends together to make a loop. Center the loop on top of the dove tail strip. Take the remaining strip of felt (about 1") and wrap around the center of the stacked strips. Fix the bunches from the looped felt so it looks more like a bow. Hot glue the thin strip to the back side. You will need to cut down the strip to glue the other end down. Hot glue to the bottom of the wreath and your wreath is complete! Easy, right?"  

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  Thanks for stopping by Lindsey!   Be sure to visit her blog for more inspiration!   xo - Jeana  
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Lindsey McLaughlin: DIY SPRING WREATH

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