Sunday Thoughts and a Free Printable

One of my favorite things that I am currently a part of is teaching the women's group at church one Sunday a month. I am pretty sure I learn more in preparing for the lesson than they ever get out of it... but I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve in that way. 

Today's lesson was about what we can do to take care of, and ease the burdens of the poor.  The talk that the lesson was based on can be found here if you are interested in reading.  It is always such a good reminder that by looking outward and helping others, our own burdens seam lighter. There is a beautiful Hymn titled 'Because I Have Been Given Much'. It was one of my dad's favorites, and is also one of mine. It went perfectly with the lesson today, so I made a little print for everyone to take home. 

I've made it available for download too. Have a wonderful Sunday! 

xo - Jeana

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Printing this out now; thankYOU for sharing your GIFT and being a giver!


I love this all around. Thank you for sharing!


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