May's Kit, Something NEW & a THANK YOU!

May Kit's went live on National Scrapbook Day! 


NEW this month , there are now 6 exclusive patterned papers in the kit... 



Also new this month, the cut-aparts are now printed on sticker stock. Cut, peel and stick. Easy peasy! :) 


Now, I've had something on my mind lately and I hope you don't mind if I share it here...

Starting my own business has always been a dream, and it's kind of taken a big leap of faith. Putting myself out there for people to critique, to like, or not like... to support or not support. YIKES!

After officially launching Felicity Jane at the end of August last year I began to see what my days/nights were going to look like for the next few months, which were REALLY, REALLY long, but I also had a super full heart for the overwhelming support from customers. Things quickly began to be more than little ol' me could handle, working a full time job during the day, and doing Felicity Jane at night and on the weekends. I constantly found myself wishing there were just 12 more hours in a day so I could get everything done. During those first few months I was exhausted. [ Let's face it I still am, but in a good way! ] But, what I have learned during these tired times is that I don't have to do this by myself.  There are so many people willing to help me make my dreams come true. Whether it was a listening ear when the post office lost packages of a sold out kit, or spending almost all nighters packaging products with me, or letting me drop off little bits to assemble, my friends have been THE GREATEST. When I say that, I am not even exaggerating a bit! I may even have to embarrass them for a second and call a couple of them out [ don't hate me!! ] These girls are creative and amazing talents in their own right and I'm pretty blessed to call them friends. 


When you have a minute you should visit them and say hi! I promise you won't be disappointed! 


Jen Schow, a talented scrapbook artist [ who is going to be a YouTube sensation! ] Follow her here  or here

Amy Robison - HILARIOUS, real and a talented designer who specializes in cut files and themed parties. Check out her website here and follow her here.

 THANK YOU, girls! I couldn't do it without you!! 


A big thanks to each of you as well for your support of Felicity Jane! 


xo - Jeana 

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Well aren’t you just the sweetest! Always happy to help you in any way I can. You are so incredibly talented and inspire me and so many others. I’m so happy to see you making your dreams come true. Love ya!

Amy Robison

Your kits are just stunning – you are clearly an incredibly talented designer with her finger well and truly on the pulse! Go you xxx

Suse Fish

Do you have any people making you tube process videos with your kits?


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