30 Day Journal Challenge

30 Day Journal Challenge

As memory keepers, we love photos and stories. They are magic! I hear so many people talk about memory keeping as therapy. Have you ever wondered why?

Did you know researchers have found that journaling relieves stress, helps with creativity, helps to declutter our minds and helps us stay focussed? I don't know about you, but I will take all of the above, please. :)

So, let's journal shall we? I hope you will join me for a 30 day journal challenge!  It will be simple, take maybe 5 minutes a day and I can't wait to read about your experience! 

It can be as in depth or not as you'd like it to be. I designed the Lola stamp set this month with this challenge in mind. Each word or phrase can be stamped to get you started. ( Every Lola stamp set sold this month will come with a FREE traveler's notebook insert too - just the right amount of pages for the challenge! ) 

This stack of "retro" spiral notebooks, belonged to my dad. He was a photo taker and a journal writer.  He passed away 17 years ago, and now these old notebooks are priceless. I remember watching him take one out during church, or at home and intently writing.  They tell his story, the thoughts on both experiences we shared as a family and his own personal story including the highs, and lows. Some days, he wrote pages, other days it was as short as a list of 3 things he was grateful for that day.  

His story was important, as is yours and mine. Let's write it! 

xo - Jeana




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Do we start the 30 day challenge when we receive our Lola kit?


I can’t wait to get my first kit and start this challenge with you!

Shellie Martin

That is so awesome to have those to read. My daddy passed away 4 years ago and I would love to have one of those filled with his thoughts and desires. You are blessed! This is such an awesome idea!!!


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