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If I were ever in a beauty pageant, my answer to the golden question wouldn't be 'world peace' but something like 'ummmm I'd like for every person to know just how gosh dang important they are!' [I'm sure the judges would be super impressed with my eloquent speech ;) ]  But truly and honestly I wish people knew it. So, what does that have to do with this month's kit? Everything. It was created with you, and your story in mind. It isn't always the grand events that shape who we are, but the little details of our lives as they are right. now. You and your story are important!


This month I have challenged myself to use the 'I am...' kit to create a few pages that are just about me. How I'm feeling, what I am experiencing or think about my life right. now. Here's my first page. The title "I am learning to love me. It's a process, not a destination" I have always had expectations of what my life would look like right now. About the only thing that looks as I expected is my age. In the past, and even now sometimes I've been hard on myself for not meeting or living up to my own expectations. When I stop and look at where I am though, challenges I've overcome, things I'm working on and accomplishing today, I realize that they aren't any less awesome than the ideal I had painted in my mind all along. Just different. With that realization, as I change and overcome challenges, I am learning to love me and my life right. now. 



So, here is your challenge for the week. Create a page { layout, planner page, journal etc ] about YOU that has 'I am..." in the title. [ the stamp set in this month's kit will come in handy! ] Come back and leave a comment with a link to your layout, or #FJChallenge on Instagram so everyone can see and be inspired! 


I am excited to learn more about you! 


xo- Jeana

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I am thinking you really created a wonderful page! From the concept to the yummy colors and products – it’s fabulous! I am definitely putting this on my to-do list for the near future! Thanks for sharing!

Ruth Gauss


My response to your fab challenge! Thanks Jeana x

Suse Fish

Ooh, fab challenge and even more amazing layout… I’ll try and encourage my facebook group to take part too. By the way, I’d finish your ‘I Am…’ sentence with ‘a class act’ or ‘on the ball’, as you really have your finger on the pulse of what we scrappy girls are into now :)


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