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Julie Kinneeveauk | @felicity_jane | Feels Like Home

I fell in love with the stamps and smaller elements this month and immediately started decorating my monthly calendar in my Filofax.

The kit itself has a sheet of cut-apart stickers that are perfect for adding into your creative planner pages, but there's also a printable for subscribers that I used here (the black "NOTED" label and gorgeous floral flag). 

Julie Kinneeveauk | @felicity_jane | Feels Like Home

I love the stamp sets included in each kit, and the last two months I've set aside time just to PLAY with them. I ink each stamp in different colors, try combining the stamps together in fun ways, and just give myself permission to make mistakes, and to get comfortable. During that creative play, I always have little ideas spark in my mind for how I'll use the stamps inside my planner or Project Life pages. Below, you'll see I used the little 'potty lady' to mark the days when my housecleaner is coming.  I also used the diagonal striped stamp like washi tape to mark events that extend beyond just one day.  I purposefully keep my monthly calendar as simple and clear as I can, only jotting down events that are outside of our regularly scheduled day, and these clean, graphic stamps work perfectly for me!Julie Kinneeveauk | @felicity_jane | Feels Like Home

Can we just take a moment to enjoy this floral paper?  I *heart* the floral patterns from Felicity Jane, and love to showcase them right in the front of my planner, by making my own dashboard. Having it front and center means I get to see this gorgeous print every day and it makes me happy! Julie Kinneeveauk | @felicity_jane | Feels Like Home

I couldn't stop at the dashboard this month. I felt like the cooler fall weather required a whole new 'wardrobe' for my planner. I whipped up these fun little dividers to keep everything coordinated.

Julie Kinneeveauk | @felicity_jane | Feels Like Home

It was fun to mix and match the patterned paper with the paper strips along each edge. I added a very thin black/white stripe washi to the edge of some of the paper strips, just to add a little definition. I'm so pleased with how these turned out and can't wait to see the patterns we have in store for us next month!

 Julie Kinneeveauk | @felicity_jane | Feels Like Home 

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The paper is aways my favorite part of the kits, so I obviously LOVE your dividers!! I think I need to get me a planner.. soon!!

Dannielle | Banning Lane

Huge heart emojis!!!!! Loving the section dividers the best!!!!!


So beautiful rushes off to buy planner ;)

Suse Fish

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