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Everybody has that one thing that feels like home to them. For me, it's our red couches.

They were the first grown up thing that my husband and I bought when we were young and still in college. I still remember how fancy and out of place they looked in our little, humble apartment. I loved that they were the first thing that you saw when you walked through the front door.

That was over 10 years ago. Even though so much has changed since then, one thing remains the same. Those red couches are still the first thing you see when you walk into my house.

My once fancy couches don't seem so fancy anymore. They are stained, the cushions don't fit quite right, and they creak when you sit down on them. But they have so much history and they tell so many of our stories.

I have always wanted to document some of those stories, and this month's "Feels Like Home" kit was the perfect start to my layout.

Banning Lane | @Felcity _Jane | Feels Like Home

The first thing I did was cut out a bunch of little squares from the different patterned paper. I pieced them all together to form a grid, and I love how they look like a little quilt.

Banning Lane | @Felcity_Jane | Feels Like Home

I typed up most of my journaling and tucked it into a pocket behind my layout. I used a tag from my stash as a home for a bit of journaling on the front of my layout as well.

This kit has so many embellishments that went perfectly with my story, but I settled on a puffy house and a couple of wood veneer hearts.

Banning Lane | @Felicty_Jane | Feels Like Home

At the top of my photo I added a couple of tabs that came from the cut apart sheet, and a little puffy heart. You can also see the journaling that I tucked into the pocket behind my layout.

Banning Lane | @Felcity_Jane | Feels Like Home

I love how this layout came together, but I love even more that I have these stories documented.

Check out the video below if you want to see how this whole layout came together. 

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I LOVE this layout, Danielle!! It’s so simple and pretty!


Perfect subject for this Feels Like Home kit!

Julie K

I love the idea of documenting stories like this! So beautiful x

Suse Fish

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