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Savannah in my Planner | Julie Kinneeveauk

Savannah in my Planner | @felicity-jane | Julie KinneeveaukDrawing inspiration from the InkWell Press planners' Mission Boards, I have created mission boards of my own for the past several months. It's a great place to stop and focus about goals in the month ahead. The great thing about making your own, is you can adjust to as many or few things you want to prioritize.  I usually stop and think about my "have to's" and any goals I have surrounding those, then I like to give thought to some areas that are "want to's" that may not be getting as much attention as I'd currently like.

Savannah in my Planner | @felicity-jane | Julie KinneeveaukWhen I receive my kit each month, I love to sit down and cut out the sticker sheet.  As I'm doing this, ideas start to flow with little projects I can create.

Savannah in my Planner | @felicity-jane | Julie Kinneeveauk

I grabbed a scratch piece of paper and started scribbling a framework for a mission board. I thought I'd keep the hand-drawn black outlined boxes, but the end result was getting busier than I initially wanted. I decided trimming pieces of the soft pink patterned paper would better house my goals/ideas for November and would keep the page a little more cohesive.

Savannah in my Planner | @felicity-jane | Julie Kinneeveauk

I love flipping back to this mission board throughout the month for inspiration and to stay focused on my priorities. This kit is a fabulous resource for both my scrapbooking projects AND my planner.  Love that!


Oct 22, 2016

That planner is from kikki k

jessie Morgan
Dec 29, 2015

Can u please let me know where I go to purchase the binder.

Julie piona

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