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December Album - Days 7-13 | Jen Schow

How is your December going? Amazingly, I'm keeping up with my album this year and I think it's because I'm using a kit - and a cute one at that! Today I want to share days 7-13 with you. I have a few (kind of a lot) photos of some of my favorite little bits + tips and a video that will walk you through the rest. :)

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | Cozy + No Peeking!

I found my daughter looking through my album and reading every word. It kind of melted my heart. I put the title right on top of the large photo and I love doing that. Those awesome red resin letters are from last years December kit. Sorry to tempt you!

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | Cozy + No Peeking!

I added a bit of flair to the dark wood alphabet from the Cozy kit with a white gel pen.

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | Cozy + No Peeking!

I took that same gel pen and wrote directly on my photo. No fear, people. Just do it!

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | Cozy + No Peeking!

A printed one of my photos on vellum and I love the way all of the pretty papers and stamping peek out from behind it.

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | Cozy + No Peeking!

never throw away my Felicity Jane packaging. It's perfect for little gifts and...mini albums! I stamped the word "believe" with red StazOn ink and tucked a special little note for my daughter inside.

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | Cozy + No Peeking!

Don't be afraid to keep it simple. A title on the photo, a printed card from the cut apart sheet and a bit of journaling is all I needed for day 11.

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | Cozy + No Peeking!

Sometimes I like to insert random pages and photos. The tabs from the cut apart sticker sheet are the perfect little addition to those pages.

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | Cozy + No Peeking!

The tab started out black and white, but I added red ink for a pop of color and then glued my typed journaling on the back of the photo.

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | Cozy + No Peeking!

Last, but not least, I made a little shaker pocket for day 13. I love how you can just throw a bunch of stuff in and not worry about it.

Wow. That was a lot of photos! If you want to see even more details and hear a bit about the stories that go with these pages, you can watch the video below. Thanks for stopping by!

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Dec 15, 2015

Vellum photo LOVE!!!!


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