Easy Holiday Tags | Jen Schow

Easy Holiday Tags | Jen Schow

Hello friends! Christmas is in a week...are you ready? I have to admit that until yesterday, I didn't have any presents wrapped and under my tree. I like to keep my wrapping simple and I have this thing for brown paper packages tied up with string. Sometimes I simply stamp the names on the wrapping paper, but this year I decided to make some simple tags using the stamps from the No Peeking! add on.

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | No Peeking!

These tags are so simple! You just need a few supplies...

No Peeking! stamp set, embossing powder (I used gold glitter!), ink (embossing ink, red, and black), gorgeous floral washi tape, 3/4" circle punch, hole punch (I used my Crop-a-dile), twine or string and tags. I had some plain tags in my stash, but you could definitely die cut some if you wanted.

These literally took me five minutes to make. Let me break it down for you.

1. Make washi tape reinforcers for your tag holes. Apply some floral washi tape to some scratch paper for stability, punch a small hole, then use your 3/4" circle punch around the smaller hole.

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | No Peeking!

If you don't have small circle punches, you could absolutely put washi tape on some paper and send it through your Silhouette.

2. Peel the washi tape reinforces off of your scratch paper and adhere them to both sides of your tag.

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | No Peeking!

3. Stamp and emboss the large tree image on the upper half of the tag.

4. Stamp the small diagonal striped border to act as a divider on the tag. I used red so it looks like a candy cane. :)

5. Stamp "to: from:" below the stripes.

6. Add some twine, ribbon, or string to the top of your tag so you can attach it to a present. I used the cute gold string and twine that came in the kit.

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | No Peeking!

7. Put your present under the tree!

See...easy! For now, this is the only present under the tree, but I'm going to change that this weekend and I already have cute tags to go on all of my gifts. I hope that you'll give this a try!

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Love your tags, Jen! And I love the idea to make your own washi reinforcers. Need to get me the punches and try it. And you need to tell me which embossing powder you’ve used, please. It looks so beautiful! Love it!


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