hello twenty sixteen!

hello twenty sixteen!

Hi there! Happy twenty sixteen! January kits will go live in just a few hours, but I wanted to pop in on the blog and share some thoughts as we say goodbye to 2015 and hello to a new year. Saying goodbye has always been a hard thing for me and I tend to like that comfy spot where change doesn't come around too often... As I look back at the last year though I can see that goodbyes make room for hellos, and as hard as change is, it can mold and shape who we are and who we become. Last year my comfy spot was working full time for Silhouette and running FelicityJane in my spare time. Having a full time job meant security, and spending my days with people I had come to know well and called friends. Felicity Jane as my sole source of income was a goal, but it seemed so far off and scary. I'm quite shy and wondered if I could put myself out there enough to actually be successful. Throughout the year I began to write out my goals, the big one being to go out on my own and do Felicity Jane full time, and all of the little goals I'd have to reach before I could make that happen. It had CHANGE written all over it. It has been a scary, hard thing... but because of all of you it has been an amazing year. I have grown, Felicity Jane has grown and I am so, so, so thankful to each of you for your support, and for the new friends I have made along the way. All of it, such an incredible blessing!

I couldn't be more excited for the new year. I'm setting new goals, and there are fun things to come for Felicity Jane! I hope that you'll share the journey with me in 2016 and continue to let Felicity Jane be part of your story. :)

ps. I'm using these goal planning sheets today and thought I'd share them with you in case you'd like some too!  

 Download the free planning sheet and the hello twenty sixteen cut file here. 


Happy New Year! 

xo - Jeana

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So proud of you for making the leap and wishing you much success! Mwah!

julie K

So glad you found the courage to take that leap – wishing you all the best for 2016!


We are so in awe of that huge leap you took, Jeana, and beyond proud of the incredible thing that Felicity Jane has become (who am I kidding: it was awesome from day 1!)


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