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Good Morning all of my Felicity Jane Friends! I hope you've all had a spectacular new year and are ready for some pretty paper! 

@felicityjane | Alexes Marie Brown

I took a scrapbooking class a few years ago and in it was tips and tricks about making pie charts in layouts and I've always thought they were some of the coolest layouts! It's always kind of stuck with me and I love making them now and again! 

@felicityjane | Alexes Marie Brown

As always I love a layout that has the ability to highlight a bunch of my favorite patterned papers! I really just love the way the all look right there together on the page, working off one another and highlighting certain patterns or colors. It just makes me so happy! 

@felicityjane | Alexes Marie Brown

So one of the things that I'm absolutely horrible about when it comes to memory keeping is the journaling! I know, I know, that's like the heart of the whole thing but I somehow always seem to forget and then when I finally remember I'm about finished! That's why a lot of times you'll see that I'll do my journaling around the edge of my layout and I kinda love the way it looks as well! 

@felicityjane | Alexes Marie Brown

When I was deciding what to put in the middle over the doily, I saw this cute little house and it was so adorable next to the photo of our ginger bread houses! Add in that adorable flair and it was just perfect! 

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Oh thank you so much Gillian, isn’t that such a fun little touch?


Beautiful page! Love that you made the photo into one of the “pie chart” sections itself. :)



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