Inspired by... | Suse Fish

Inspired by... | Suse Fish

SuseFish | @felicity_jane | Susie

Hey Felicity Janers, Suse with you today to share my first 'Inspired by...' post. And do you know what? This challenge of making a layout inspired by something I'd seen was so good for me! It really broke me out of my scrapping box.

Suse Fish | Inspired by

So here's the image that inspired me: wouldn't you just love for your workspace to look that pretty? Hey, forget the workspace, I want to *be* that girl, ha ha.

I especially loved the arrangement of pictures on her pretty pink wall and thought something similar would be a fab way to showcase some of the beautiful papers from the 'Susie' kit.

SuseFish | @felicity_jane | Susie

I was planing on cutting out little frames from cardboard, but when it came to it I realised that the packaging I was using was far too bulky to make it work neatly. So I ended up with lots of rectangles that I covered in white paper... they make great mounts.

SuseFish | @felicity_jane | Susie

Once I'd popped all the 'frames' down, it was really just a case of adding little embellishments here and there. And you know how beautiful the bits and bobs are in these kits: that part was not hard! 

I'd really encourage you to look for layout inspiration in images that 'grab' you: I can't wait to try this challenge again!

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Aw, you’re the best! xx

Suse Fish

Oh this is just fabbie! I want to be that girl too! And you! Love this ‘random’ kind of grid!!!

Samantha M

Suse!!! I LOVE this!! Super fantastic


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