Tips + Tricks: Kit Storage | Jen Schow

Tips + Tricks: Kit Storage | Jen Schow

February kits are coming your way next week, but I already have it in my hot little hands so I can give you an up-close look at how wonderful it is!

I don't know about you, but I struggled for a way to store my kits for a while. I know a lot of people who use Iris scrapbooking cases to store their kits and it changed my world!

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | kit storage

The case is basically a plastic bin sized perfectly for 12 x 12 paper, but what I really love is having the little organizer tray that rests on top.

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | Kit Storage

The little dividers on the case are adjustable, so I can move them around to fit the embellishments for that month's kit. I love it!

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | Kit Storage

Here you can see all of my papers and stickers tucked below the tray. I keep all of my previous Felicity Jane kits in one container all mixed together because they coordinate so well!

If you want to see the February "Something Sweet" kit in detail, as well as my storage process, check out the video below. :)

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I also love my IRIS Container which I bought accidentally when we went New York City last year. The truth is my husband told me to get a few to store all the scrapbook supplies I bought in my suitcase and I insisted on just to get one. Now I regret and the next time we will visit the States I will definitely get a few more. :-)


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