Happy Heart Day!

February 13, 2016


This month's kit subscriber printables included a cute 3 x 4 striped pocket, perfect for on the page... and off the page projects. Like to hold this tic tac toe card and a few candy hearts for the littles on Valentine's Day. 

Felicity Jane Tic Tac Toe card | free printable

I've included a link to download the 3 x 4 printable tic tac toe card below along with some hearts, incase you don't have any of the candy variety around the house. :) 

Felicity Jane tic tac toe | free printable

[ a quick printing tip: if you'd like to print more than one to a page, when you open the pdf in preview, go to file > print > and increase the copies per page to 4]


Happy Valentine's Day, friends! 


xo  - Jeana

jeana goodwin
jeana goodwin


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