Stamp your Story | Julie Kinneeveauk

Stamp Your Story | @felicity_jane | Julie Kinneeveauk
Each month, I'm blown away by the great variety and USEFULNESS of the Felicity Jane stamps.  This month, the excellent story prompts particularly struck me and I couldn't help myself... I knew I had to mass-produce journaling cards that I can use to tell my stories throughout the rest of the year.
Stamp Your Story | @felicity_jane | Julie Kinneeveauk
One of my favorite thing to do when my kit arrives is to spend a little time playing with the stamps and some coordinating ink colors.  By allowing myself this little 'mess session', I inevitably stumble upon a combination that sparks an idea, and I'm off with a project in mind!
Once I start playing, I'll find that sometimes the shape of the stamp just *belongs* in a
certain journaling card...
Stamp Your Story | @felicity_jane | Julie Kinneeveauk
(Or within a little tag or die cut)...
Stamp Your Story | @felicity_jane | Julie Kinneeveauk
I think I've shared before that I'm borderline terrible at taking photos (ugh), but it's very important to me that our moments are recorded.  In order to keep this ^ journaling card 'note friendly', I simply added this striped tag.  The lines make a perfect spot to jot a story.
By the end of my stamping session, I had created all of these personalized journaling cards.  Each of those stamps just seem to want to pull a story out of me! I also love how positive and affirming the Felicity Jane sentiments are.  While "the good and the bad" are both equally important to tell, I love looking back and reflecting on the things I love and am grateful for.
Stamp Your Story | @felicity_jane | Julie Kinneeveauk
In addition to the 3x4 cards that were included in the kit, I went ahead and cut a few out of the larger 12x12 paper so I'd have some cards on hand to grab in the future. I selected the patterns that were more 'journaling-friendly' so I could always have a spot to house my stories.
Stamp Your Story | @felicity_jane | Julie Kinneeveauk
I hope you take time to "play" with the stamps this month and see where that leads you!
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Julie – I just love the colors you chose for your journaling cards. I keep coming back to your blog post.
The colors will complement my daughter’s upcoming wedding. Are you on Instagram? I’d love to see
more of your work. So clean and refreshing. Good Job!


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