A Magazine File for Your Traveler's Notebooks | by Peggy Emmrich

A Magazine File for Your Traveler's Notebooks | by Peggy Emmrich

Magazine File by Peggy Emmrich | @FelicityJane

If you are as addicted to Traveler's Notebooks as I am, then you have a few (ok.. maybe more like a LOT) of inserts flying around in your craft room, your living room, your bedroom or even your kitchen. When I take a look around my home, I'll find them EVERYWHERE. And so does my boyfriend - not cool, because he already puts up with a lot of my craft stuff ;)

Clearly, a solution was needed, so when I sat down to think about how I could solve this problem, my eye fell on the magazine file that holds all my pretty scrapbooking paper. And there it was - my light bulb moment.

Magazine File by Peggy Emmrich | @FelicityJane

I calculated the dimensions for my mini-magazine file and cut out a template from cardboard, because you know I'll be making a lot of these files ;) I added one centimeter (0.4 inch) to the width and hight of a traditional insert, this allows to easily slide the notebooks in and out of the file. I chose 5 centimeters (2 inch) for the depth of my magazine files. Depending on how much notebooks you have or want to fit into one magazine file you can add more or less room by adjusting the depth accordingly.

Below there is a picture on my template with the dimensions I used. The yellow lines are also the lines along which I later scored my cardstock.


I used my template to trace the outline onto a large piece of white cardstock, which I wanted to use as a base for my magazine files.

Cutting apart the papers of the Felicity Kit to decorate the plain white cardstock was the fun part of making the magazine files. I also left a white boarder around each piece of pattered paper peaking through from the base cardstock. This will help to tie all the different magazine files together. 

I will not lie, glueing it all together was a little tricky. I felt like I needed three hands ;) but I made it happen, and so will you!

Magazine File by Peggy Emmrich | @FelicityJane

Each magazine file fits about 4 to 5 of my notebooks, pretty much depending on how bulky I decorated the spreads on the inside and the cover on the outside.

And here you have it, a beautiful storage solution for your traveler's notebooks. I'll definitely need more than those two, so excuse me while I'll be making more magazine files!

Supplies used: Felicity Paper Add-On | Felicity Chipboard Alphabet | Paint Dipped Wood Alphabet | Traveler's Notebook 

Magazine File by Peggy Emmrich | @FelicityJane

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I made two of these and they turned out great!


Love this! I’ll deff be making some of these!

Nicole W

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