Brooke Treat Bag Cards | Suse Fish

Brooke Treat Bag Cards | Suse Fish

In the days before social media, I used to love sending 'snail mail' to my friends: little homemade cards and bookmarks, just to let them know they were being thought of. I’ve not done it for ages and decided the Brooke kit was too beautiful not to share.

When I was younger and my mum’s birthday would roll round, I loved nothing more than going to the local shops and finding little pocket money treats that I thought she’d like. I’d wrap a shoe box in gift paper then fill it with her favourite magazine, some bubble bath, a bar of chocolate and often a little something I’d made. I think it gave me as much happiness to put the treat box together as it did her to open it!

I had just as much fun tracking down cute little treats to send to a handful of my scrappy friends along with these handmade postcards.

I made six cards and each one is different - I find working that way helps to keep things fresh and fun. There is so much pretty goodness in the Brooke kit that it was hard to know what not to throw on the cards, but I knew from the start that I had to use the little rubber raindrops in their sweet, sugary colours.

I love the ‘silver lining’ sentiment on the stamp set: how we look at life can be so important and we each have people in our worlds who really make a difference to us, especially when things get a bit drizzly.

I hope you enjoy watching how these little cards came together in my video.

Perhaps you’ll feel inspired to go on a little budget shopping trip for some cute treats to show your tribe how much they mean to you. See you soon, friends!


Supplies: Brooke Kit | Brooke Paper Pack | Brooke Bitty Puffy Stickers | Brooke Pink Puffy Alphabet | Brooke Stamp Set | Brooke Silicone Charms | Willow Miniwide Paperclips - Gold | Alexis Heart Stencil | Autumn Striped Buttons 

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