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December 27, 2016


I gave up on the idea of doing a daily December album long ago. I love the concept, I just have trouble sticking to the level of commitment it takes during one of the busiest times of they year! This mini takes the best of the daily documentation idea and makes it a do-able project for me. 

December Daily Album by @nancydamiano for @felicityjane

I compiled an album of favorites - family portraits, daily activities, decorations and traditions. Not a daily account of the season, but a mish mash of what makes a Damiano family Christmas!

xDecember Daily Album by @nancydamiano for @felicityjane

I started the album with my favorite holiday photo of our family from a few years ago. A clear pocket with some star confetti makes the perfect accent. I've mixed the patterns throughout the mini album alternating in between the Oh Deer and Hello Christmas collections.

December Daily Album by @nancydamiano for @felicityjane

A few photos from daily life and funny things that I find around the house. Here I highlighted some of my son's playthings. Something you would (hopefully) find around the holidays!

December Daily Album by @nancydamiano for @felicityjane

A wreath transparency page adds a nice subtle design to these pages. A view of our tree and documenting ordinary life (watching Christmas specials) is a great way to tell the story of our holidays.

December Daily Album by @nancydamiano for @felicityjaneIf you put some forethought into where lettering is placed you can create this double layer page. On the top, the "joy" is a beautiful transparency page. 

December Daily Album by @nancydamiano for @felicityjaneUnderneath is a large photo (the same size as the transparency) with an interesting title. Layering flat stickers and an acrylic word (Christmas) gives both the photo and words a nice pop of design interest.

December Daily Album by @nancydamiano for @felicityjane

Remember to include photos of home decor and places you return to year after year. Here the pockets were kept simple, highlighting the photos.

December Daily Album by @nancydamiano for @felicityjane

All of the holiday stories will be stored in the various envelopes and pockets in the kit. I love these little pockets of goodness!

I hope you've enjoyed a peek into my "not so daily" December album. It's still a work in progress, but I'm having fun documenting all of the little and big moments in this holiday season!

Supplies Used: Hello, Christmas! Kit | Hello, Christmas! Stamp Set | Black & White Striped Washi, | Silicone Charms |  Red Alphabet Stickers |  Oh, Deer Acetate Shapes | Stamp - Oh, Deer |  Hello, Christmas 6x8 Album |  Oh Deer Collection

Nancy Damiano
Nancy Damiano



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