Creating Christmas | Nae Bowell

Creating Christmas | Nae Bowell

Create Christmas by Nae Bowell | @FelicityJane

I know its the middle of the month, but thats the joy in not documenting every day in December right? Thats right, I am one of the minority that isn't doing a day by day album of everything that happens in December. We don't have children and lets be honest, there are only so many pictures of kitty cats you can put in your album (Suse may disagree with me on that point). So I have decided that this year I would just create an album, capturing Christmas, celebrating our home and the decorations I make (and my husband hangs for me).

Create Christmas by Nae Bowell | @FelicityJane 

I just absolutely fell in love with the scripted acrylic words by Alex Hunter Designs. Her script just sings to me and as soon as I saw them, I knew exactly how I was going to use them. They begged to be the title page for my album, secured on the white wreath acetate insert from the kit and anchored by the beautiful black and white gingham from the Oh Deer kit. I love having a clear acetate piece for my title page, back when I was strictly doing only Project Life, every album started with a clear acetate title. Its just a little extra added bling to what would normally be just another page in your album. 

Create Christmas by Nae Bowell | @FelicityJane

I love changing up the sizes of pages in my mini albums, it creates interest and allows whoever is viewing your album to really explore and discover little pieces within the memories. On this page I have a standard 6x8 page with a 3x4 card and the black striped paper bag (folded to form a pocket) all sandwiched together in the one spread. Within the black and white striped bag I am going to be placing journalling cards and photos that aren't as perfect but still deserve to be shared for generations to come. I will be continuing this technique throughout the album. 

Create Christmas by Nae Bowell | @FelicityJane

I just adore those tiny resin deer heads that can be purchased in the store as an add on to your beautiful Hello Christmas Kit. I have almost used all of mine and I really need to get some more! I used this one to cover up the little green tree that was on the journalling card because green just isn't in my colour scheme this year (as beautiful as that kelly green looks with the kit). 

Create Christmas by Nae Bowell | @FelicityJane

I have always been a huge fan of typography and because of this, I love mixing and working with a variety of alphabets and labels to create my titles. I have used my own Thickers as well as the gorgeous red alphabet stickers, bows, sequins and stars from the kit as well as a label from the Emeline kit back in October. I love how all these different pieces come together to create a visual christmas tree. It sits so pretty at the bottom of my page.

Create Christmas by Nae Bowell | @FelicityJane

The first thing we did this December was decorate our new 7ft white Christmas tree. I have been wanting a brand new (expensive) Christmas tree for a few years now and this year Josh finally gave in! I wanted to buy a good quality tree before we have kids because kids and Christmas just equals a whole lot more money and we would just never get an awesome tree because we would want to buy presents. So after that long explanation, I got to decorate my tree and it is just beautiful. I haven't been able to get a 6x8 photo printed yet but when I do, it will be going opposite this page. The tree is just so so beautiful and I want to document the story behind our christmas tree. Once again I will be adding in a little bit of hidden journalling. 

Create Christmas by Nae Bowell | @FelicityJane

My Create Christmas album is very much in the early stages of a work in progress but I am certain it will get finished this year. I want to document everything from my DIY Christmas Crackers (that I shared on the blog a few weeks ago) to my table decorations, our Christmas lights outside and even the wrapping paper I chose this year... All these little creative bits and pieces combine together to create your Christmas and how it is unique to you. 

I can't wait to share more of my album with you (including a walk through of the finished album. Thank you so much for your love and support this year lovelies, I have been so blessed to be on the Felicity Jane team with a great bunch of girls and even more amazing readers like yourself. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years. 

See you in 2017!

Love always, Nae 

Supplies Used: November Oh, deer kit | Emeline Die Cut Labels | December Hello Christmas kit | Hello Christmas page protectors | Hello Christmas silcone charms | White stag with gold & silver antlers | Clear acrylic snowflakes

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Gorgeous Renae. I love the non traditional look of it all. Gotta love transparencies.

Melissa Struhs

OH Nee, I absolutely love your Create Christmas album! So much inspiration!!


Pure gorgeousness, Nae! (could only be improved with a few kitty cat snaps… tee hee)


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