Creative Spaces | Nancy Damiano

Creative Spaces | Nancy Damiano

Hey there Felicity fans, Nancy here today with a look at my craft room. One of my favorite escapes on Pinterest is wandering through creative space. I love taking a peek at where crafters create! When I was creating my own space I knew that I wanted something very light with clean lines and great storage. Come along with me on a little tour of my crafty haven.

The desk takes up the middle of the room and is made up of two bookcases and tabletop from IKEA. It's definitely a hack and is the perfect counter height for me to work on. Most of the time I stand to create, but I did recently purchase the white leather chair which I am using from time to time. The desk faces a large window that lets the most amazing light in. This is one of the brightest rooms in my house.

Along one wall I have three Alex drawers from IKEA. These hold most of my kits, embellishments and ink pads. I love the shallow, wide drawers and that I can see everything in them in one quick glance.

This top drawer stores my current Felicity Jane kit. I use acrylic trays from Target to store the embellishments, die cuts and cards. That way I can just pick up the tray and move it to my desk when I'm ready to work on a layout. It makes for really quick clean up too. 

The very last drawer holds the leftover bits from past Felicity Jane kits. I do lots of mixing and matching with these beauties! Patterned paper on the left, alphas in the middle and another clear, acrylic tray for the small bits.

Here's a look at how my ink pads are stored. I leave the drawer open when I'm stamping and can easily see and get to any color. It definitely helps me keep things organized.

My design choices are definitely driven by color, so it makes sense that I store things by color. These are bits and pieces from scrapbook and kit collections along with some of my favorite washi tapes. The acrylic trays are from Target and they are a perfect fit for the Alex drawers.

I removed the sliding doors from this closet so that it could be used as a storage alcove. I store most of my paintbrushes, older scrapbook collections by theme or manufacturer and art supplies in these drawers. This is a space that I actually plan to renovate soon. I really need a desk area to work on editing videos and photos. This is definitely space that will change in the near future. I love my art nook, but I need to make this spot more functional.

This is my favorite space in the room. Specifically, the magnetic photo board from IKEA. I love having instant inspiration and some of my favorite memories on display. I change these out seasonally and fill in with new photos as some make their way into scrapbooks. Looking at these photos every day keeps the stories fresh and when I get a kit, I can easily pluck a memory off the board and go!

This is a space that I spend a lot of time in, so it's important that I'm surrounded with things that I love. It definitely helps the creativity flow. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a peek into my world!


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This is awesome! Thank you for sharing your beautiful space!


Love how fresh and light/bright the room is. It’s definitely giving me inspiration for my room redo. Thanks for sharing.

Angee Carter

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