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"Currently Loving" A5 Notebook Layout | Shannon Dombkowski

Hi there crafty friends! Shannon here with an interactive A5 notebook layout featuring the gorgeous Capri collection. For this layout, I focused on how I could use the fantastic Capri Story Tags. I knew that I definitely wanted to journal on them. I love words. I love documenting all the things in great detail, but sometimes I want to write so much that I need to hide all or part of it - otherwise my layout would be all journaling! The Capri Story Tags are perfect for some hidden journaling.

A5 Notebook Spread by Shannon Dombkowski for Felicity Jane

When the tags are in their pockets, you can see that there is journaling on them but it's not taking over my page. It invites whoever is flipping through my notebook to pull the tags out to read more. But when the tags are in the pockets, the tops of the tags add lots of fun patterns and colors to the page. Then when you take them out...

A5 Notebook Spread by Shannon Dombkowski for Felicity Jane

...all the words are there! You could use a typewriter or your handwriting to journal on the cards. However, I don't have a typewriter and I knew I had a lot to say so my handwriting was out of the question. My favorite way to add printed journaling to physical products is by printing on clear sticker paper. I measure the space I want to add the journaling to and then make a box that size in Photoshop. You could also probably do it in a Word document as well but I prefer to cut my sticker paper down to 4x6 size to make it last longer so I stick with Photoshop.

A5 Notebook Spread by Shannon Dombkowski for Felicity Jane

I couldn't let the pockets stay bare so I added some minimal embellishing to each of them. Since this is in my A5 notebook, I tried to stick with mostly flat embellishments. That's a challenge for me! I did want to use the Capri Chipboard Asterisks so to make them flatter I just peeled off about half of the chipboard backing. Just go slowly when you do that!

A5 Notebook Spread by Shannon Dombkowski for Felicity Jane

Finally, I used one last Capri Story tag as part of my layering. I needed a space to stamp my title and the grid pattern on this card was perfect. Using a tag on the left page it helps tie in the right side of the page.

I hope I've given you some ideas for how to use your Capri Story Tags. They're too pretty to not be used in your layouts! Happy crating!


Shannon Dombkowski for Felicity Jane

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