I can't even believe December is here already! Let's embrace it - the fun, the stressful and everything in between. So many memories to make and stories to tell.

Last year I created a list of photo | journaling prompts and received several requests to do it again this year. I did, with a slight twist. Instead of a specific day for each photo, it's more of a checklist so you can make it work for you. 



Join in the fun and download the 6 x 8 printable below!



If you decide to use the list this month, we'd love to see your photos! Show them off on our facebook page or tag them #fjhelloChristmas on Instagram!

Quick tip: you know the tiny little star sequins in the "hello, Christmas!" kit? They are the perfect size to mark off the prompt after it's been used. :)

Have an amazing day!

 xo - Jeana

ps. along with this list, I will also be working on a separate project with my "hello, Christmas!" album. I will be documenting my experience with the #LIGHTtheWORLD campaign. It's 25 days of service, starting today. A little something each day can go a long way and I'm excited to get started. :)  If you are interested, I'll be sharing it on my instagram @jeanawithaj 


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