"Dreaming" with Amber Layout | Anne Keller

"Dreaming" with Amber Layout | Anne Keller

Hey everyone,

Anne here. Since one week Amber is in my house. And, oh yes, I love this kit. The color combination is totally my thing. I paired the beautiful patterns with a cute b/w-photo from my girls sleeping next to each other and cuddling during dreaming. 

Dreaming with Amber Layout 1 | Anne Keller | Felicity Jane

Nothing new for the start, just layer upon layer upon layer and the photo on its top. Then I discovered this lovely 3x4 card and I had to use it for my page. I matted everything on a big ripped stripe of the gingham pattern. 

Dreaming with Amber Layout 1-1 | Anne Keller | Felicity Jane

Now to the details:

I used an ampersand and two numbers for my title. And then I stapled some words and phrase die cuts onto each other. I added an older silicone word from a previous kit.

Dreaming with Amber Layout 1-2 | Anne Keller | Felicity Jane

After I finished everything I searched for the third point of the visual triangle. On nearly every layout of me you can find this triangle. It helps to complete a harmonic layout and guides the viewers eye over the layout. If I think something is missing on my layout, I search the triangle and add something along the lines. So this time the third point is on the top. I glued down a tab, stapled a folded little piece of lace onto it and put a little silicone heart on top. I added the date to finish the layout and it's done. 

Dreaming with Amber Layout 1-3 | Anne Keller | Felicity Jane

What design principles do you use while creating a layout? Or do you create free-style? Let me know.

Have an awesome day, Anne.


Supplies: Amber kit | Amber Paper Pack | Amber die cuts | Amber journaling cards | Amber Chipboard Ampersands | Amber Puffy borders | Amber Puffy Alphabet | Caroline Silicone Shapes | Miniwide Paper Clips Gold

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