FJ Creative Team Announcement

FJ Creative Team Announcement

We are excited to announce our new creative team! 


felicity jane creative team

Sheree Forcier | Mandy Melville  | Lindsey Lanning
Sarah Zayas | Lynne Ashcraft | Ulrike Dold
Jana Bennett | Lorilei Murphy | Anne Keller

We can't wait to share their projects with you here on the blog, in our Felicity Jane Facebook group and on Instagram. Fun inspiration ahead, friends! 

Also a big thank you to everyone who submitted an application. This process of selecting a team is a fun, yet challenging one because we hear from so many talented artists. Thanks for sharing your passion with us!

We have something exciting coming up on the 1st of March, so if you aren't already... follow the team members on Instagram - they are linked above :) 

Create a great day! 

xo - Jeana
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