FJ Girls Encouragement Cards | Tiffany Julia

FJ Girls Encouragement Cards | Tiffany Julia

Hey everyone!

Tiffany here with a Mix-it Monday project using bits from A LOT of different kits. I took every single Felicity Jane girl die cut that I had unused and created a set of ten encouragement cards, each card reflecting a positive trait of each girl. This project was in my heart to do for some time now. We all have our off days and in these uncertain times, it can feel like we're riding a roller-coaster of emotions. Sometimes we need a little encouragement. I've been struggling to find the perfect card set that would give me a bit of encouragement each day and honestly could never find one. So what better time than now to sit down and create my own set of cards!

Cards by Tiffany Julia for Felicity Jane

I struggled with coming up with different encouragement phrases for each girl. But lucky me, I jot down every little encouraging message I hear in passing or ones that come to me in the middle of the night, onto my phone's Notes app. Years of little notes to myself helped me put together these words of encouragement that I now share with you. I tried my best to match them up with each girl, matching them to the descriptions Jeana intended for them as best as I could. Here are the phrases I came up with in case you want to create your own set of cards:

Zoey - Everyday is your chance to sparkle.

Alexis - You are well. You are strong. You are worthy.

Brie - You deserve to live the life of your dreams.

Lola - Never let anyone dim your light.

Megan - You don't just make beautiful things, you make things beautiful.

Bailey - Give love and let love in.

Grace - Give yourself grace. What you can achieve today is enough.

Hope - The beauty of God's word is that no matter how you turn it, it's always right.

Katherine - Don't let all of the worldly babble affect you, for if the moon can sit quietly amongst all of the stars and still shine bright, so can you.

Amanda - Have courage. There's an adventure brewing in your heart and it's a great one.

Cards by Tiffany Julia for Felicity Jane

Since I ended up using the girl die cut from all of the kits I had left, I went digging through my FJ stash and pulled out any bits that corresponded with those kits that I thought matched the sentiment of the encouragement card. For example, for Hope I used the "hope" die cut, for Bailey I pulled out anything that had "love" on it, etc. I went through the process of pairing those bits with different papers from the most recent kits, Amanda and Katherine.

Cards by Tiffany Julia for Felicity Jane

I began by cutting my papers down to 5x3.5 inch cards and rounding the corners. From these cards, I created my bases, either by using the cut down paper as is (because I liked the pattern on both sides) or gluing two papers together, so I get my favorite patterns on either side. You'll see that almost each card has a sentiment on the front and back, so I wanted both sides of the card to match and look nice.

Cards by Tiffany Julia for Felicity Jane

My process for each card after that was very similar: I layered a journaling card first, then a girl die cut, embellishing around both. I usually kept this to the front of the card then on the back was the encouragement phrase, which I typed out and cut into strips. I layered the phrase over another journaling card and added a few embellishments to match.

Cards by Tiffany Julia for Felicity Jane

I won't go through the individual process for each card in this post (because that would take forever), so I filmed a project share video, showing you each card up close, so you can get a gist of how they all came together.

xxx Tiffany

Tiffany Julia for Felicity Jane

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