Garden mini album | Anne Keller

Garden mini album | Anne Keller

Hello FJ fans,

are you ready for a cute little mini album? For me the colors of Jaimee scream 'garden', so I decided to create a little album for this garden year.

Garden mini album IG | Anne Keller | Felicity Jane

I think you already know me well enough for this: it's easy. With 2 wild kids and a full-time job, 8 weeks before my final exam it has to be very easy. So just grab some 3x4 cards, cut down some pretty paper for more cards and use a binder ring to hold everything together. No technique, no hard work for this project.

Garden mini album 1 | Anne Keller | Felicity Jane

I had the idea to create an album to collect tips, knowledge and memories from this garden year. My family and I are part of a community gardening project. And this garden has our hearts. We're practically living there in summer. The garden is our oasis inbetween our busy lifes. 

Garden mini album 2 | Anne Keller | Felicity Jane

I collect different papers and cut them down to 3x4. I also used the packages because of the beautiful scalloped border... The first card is the journaling card with the geo tag. I want to write down some thoughts and feelings about this place on the card. 

Garden mini album 3 | Anne Keller | Felicity Jane

I used the patterend paper pieces for monthly cards. Very simple, just the first letter as the title and some little bits and pieces to embellish the card. 

Garden mini album 5 | Anne Keller | Felicity Jane

My idea was to collect various things in this album: plans, what did work and what didn't, some new knowledge and also some memories. You won't need a lot of things for this project. My cards are very simple. Some are just a white card with a stamping on it. Besides the photos I decided to add some pressed plants. 

Garden mini album 4 | Anne Keller | Felicity Jane

I also added some pockets with seeds. I'm so excited to see what will find its way into my little album. The binder ring is big enough to add a lot more cards.

Garden mini album 6 | Anne Keller | Felicity Jane

With these things you'll have your album ready in no time. Add some embellishments here and there.

Garden mini album 7 | Anne Keller | Felicity Jane

Some die cuts, a tag or puffy sticker. Use what you have. This album is also perfect to finally use up the leftovers of a kit.

Garden mini album 8 | Anne Keller | Felicity Jane

I'm excited to see my album growing over the year. Don't forget to document your memories, the big and also the small ones, remember the things you learned and treasure the pretty moments in your daily grind.

Have an awesome day, Anne.



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So super cute!

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