Girlfriend TN Layout | Andrea Gray

Girlfriend TN Layout | Andrea Gray

There are girls in my life who I adore. We text without letting days go by. We have so much in common. We have that bond. 

Heidi seemed like the prefect kit for me to document the girlfriends in my life who mean so much to me.

I had the idea of using the tags for each girl and backing each one with something a little different. So I decided on the right size that would fit the 2.5 x 2.5 photos I printed.

Then I knew how much room I had for my title. I used the mustard alphas a split the title across both traveler's notebook pages and used the die cuts to finish it off.

I used the "MY favorite THING ABOUT YOU" stamp under that and then wrote 2 things about each girl on their tag. I also gave each one a different hole reinforcement color! 

Finishing off the layout with some smaller stamps and stapled hexies was so fun!

I hope you have friends that love you as much as you love them and that you take a page in your album or notebook to get that down!

Have fun with Heidi and all her gorgeous colors and we'll see you soon!

Andrea =)

Supplies: September Heidi Kit | Heidi Paper Pack | Heidi Die Cut Shapes | Heidi Story Tags | Heidi Epoxy Alphabet | Heidi Stamp Set | Kate Epoxy Hearts

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