Hello 2017 | Nae Bowell

Hello 2017 | Nae Bowell

WARNING: Be prepared to witness many photos of me with my mouth open... 

Happy 2017 Felicity Jane lovelies!!! I am back after a beautiful refreshing Christmas break with my family and busting to create with the most beautiful Sophie Kit this month!! This kit is all kinds of lovely and if you know anything about me, the pinks, yellows and blues in this collection, along with the florals are just Nae down to a "T". 

Hello 2017 by Nae Bowell | @FelicityJane

So, I decided with yet another stunning kit, I wanted to capture it on the very first page of my album for 2017. Last year was very tough for my family and this year I am determined to make 2017 AWESOME!! Starting with positivity right from the get go!! I wanted this page to be bright, colourful, I wanted it to be bold and just plain beautiful.. Everything I wish for 2017! I wanted to capture my hopes and dreams for this year all on one page, without words, journalling, just the bold statement, Hello 2017. 

Hello 2017 by Nae Bowell | @FelicityJane

I don't normally use patterned paper for a background, but I was so enchanted by the large black and white grid on the back of the floral paper that I just had to use it for a layout. One of my key resolutions with creativity this year is to use all my Felicity Jane kits within that month. There is no point hoarding all the pretty papers and locking them away in a very cute black and white striped box. If we do that, it is just paper... It is only pretty if it is out on display for everyone to see. So with that new thought in my mind, I decided to bust out of my hoarding habits and sacrifice an ENTIRE sheet of that beautiful floral patterned paper for the sake of a lovely grid background... I really do think it was all worth it. 

Hello 2017 by Nae Bowell | @FelicityJane

Adding dimension is one thing I really struggle with in my layouts. I tend to find a lot of my layouts end up flat with the occasional dimensional embellishment here and there. This year I really want to focus on adding dimension and layers in as many ways as possible. I love when the layers of a page just reach out as if to grab you. So, for this layout, I used double the amount of foam between not one, but two of my lovely layers... Would you believe there is only one sheet of patterned paper used on this layout? The other patterns are from the 3x4 cut apart sheet. I love using these 3x4 cards to provide a few different patterns to my layout to compliment the other beauties found within the kit.  

I hope you will check out the video above to see exactly how I put together this layout. There are a few little pieces at the end that are missing but the majority of the layout is there. I hope you enjoyed this little layout and process video. I would love to hear what your scrapbooking goals are in the comments. Maybe we can work on them together and share all our pretty Felicity Jane layouts we create while we work towards them. 

Thank you so much for stopping by lovelies, 

I cant wait to share with you another pretty layout next week. 

Supplies used: 'Sophie' kit | 'Sophie' puffy stickers | 'Sophie' silicone charms | 'Felicity'kit | FJ Essentials Collection

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You’re so right, Nae! Use those pretty papers! I am the same, I’m hoarding the most beautiful papers every time! My goal for 2017 is to first use up all my hoarded beautiful papers…. ? Thanks for sharing this beautiful lay out with us! XOXO


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