Dollshouse craft storage | Suse Fish

Dollshouse craft storage | Suse Fish

Home storage by Suse Fish | @FelicityJane

Hey friends! Today I wanted to share a little home decor project I've had a lot of fun putting together.

The minute my daughter received this sweet Ikea dollhouse for her birthday, I've had my eye on it - somewhat enviously, I'll admit! 

Home storage by Suse Fish | @FelicityJane

And after much pestering, she finally agreed to let me decorate it in the prettiest Felicity Jane papers. I'm not sure she'll let me keep my supplies in it for long, but for the moment, it looks just gorgeous sat alongside my desk.

Home storage by Suse Fish | @FelicityJane

I couldn't resist decorating a little frame to pop in one of the 'rooms' - this gorgeous floral journalling card had the perfect space for one of my favourite photos of Kitty to go in.

And who can resist the yummy white acrylic words we're so lucky to get in our latest kits?

Home storage by Suse Fish | @FelicityJane

I bet I wasn't the only one who squealed with delight when she saw the dinky little tin we get too. It's touches like this that make our kits such a complete treat to receive and so useful to have long after the supplies are used up. 

I've popped my flair in a super-cute silicone cupcake case so I can easily see what's there to play with.

Home storage by Suse Fish | @FelicityJane

Why not have a go at customising an item you already own like this? A wooden cutlery drawer or small cube unit would work equally well and you'll end up with an item that's as pretty as it is practical.

Thanks so much for joining me today!

Supplies used: November 'Oh Deer!' kit | hello, Christmas! 6x8 polkadot album
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So cute!
Also, miss your beautiful photos! Happy holidays!


I received my O deer me kit today and I had two things broken the deer head the antlers were broke up in the family resin was broke in half I love your kits and I will be continuing to purchase them if you can do anything about this problem I would appreciate it thank you

Linda Alexander

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