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"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Happy Day"

Hey Y'all, today I am sharing an 8 1/2 x 11 inch layout inspired by the colors and shape in my photo.

"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Happy Day"

I tucked my journaling away on a tag and used the "not much a cuppa won't fix" sentiment stamp as a spring board for my journaling. Just wanted to document a funny mishap that I hope to laugh about in years to come.

"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Happy Day"

My journaling says... "Not much a cuppa won't fix unless you need to first fix the cup! I have tried many sippy cups and was excited about this one because of the weighted straw. I couldn't figure out WHY it wasn't working until I took it apart and saw the plastic covre. I had somehow missed that piece when I was washing it."

"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Happy Day"

I love how the little vellum pieces mimic the weight on the sippy cup. I wanted to incorporate the white flair (which by the way...I am guilty of NOT USING the Flair because, yes, I am a hoarder.) I just love how it references the milk in the cup.

"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Happy Day"

Super glad I got this little tidbit of a memory down and happy I get to share with y'all. Hope your week is getting off to a good start...what is inspiring you?

"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Happy Day"


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Adore that happy little sewn banner at the bottom!
(And if I had been actually drinking milk when I read your story? Well – you know what would have happened, lol! :D )


Love this, Carol! xxx


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