Wait. What? by Andrea Gray | @FelicityJane

Jane says: Wait. What? | Andrea Gray

When I work on entries in my personal traveler's notebook - they tend to include everything from quotes, humor and a bit of sass.

And the look on Jane's face was perfect for this quote I've wanted to add to my notebook.

Wait. What? by Andrea Gray | @FelicityJane

 I've been known for my loyalty in relationships and work but this quote has that hint of rebellion. Sometimes it's okay to question the status quo and ask WAIT. WHAT? And in gold alphas, of course. 

Wait. What? by Andrea Gray | @FelicityJane

 The quote I had saved was a photo of a girl with the text over the image but it didn't match what I was designing here so I used a 3x4 cut apart journaling card to write the quote in my own handwriting. 

Wait. What? by Andrea Gray | @FelicityJane

I layered it on some fun patterned paper and embellishments from the cut apart sheet.

Wait. What? by Andrea Gray | @FelicityJane

 I added more layers with a tab from the cut aparts, the strip that comes on some of the packaging and a gold paper clip!

Wait. What? by Andrea Gray | @FelicityJane

 I love that Jane stands on these two strips of gorgeous paper like she owns the world and questions stuff that doesn't fit in with her beliefs or standards. Jane is my hero!

Wait. What? by Andrea Gray | @FelicityJane

Thanks for joining me today and I hope you've been inspired to make a layout with some sass!

Talk to you soon!

Products used: Jane Kit | Gold Foil Chipboard Alphabet | Jane Paper Add-on | 

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Hahaha! This is amazing!! <3


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