Kikki K front pocket decor | Julie Kinneeveauk

Kikki K front pocket decor | Julie Kinneeveauk

I'll admit, the front of my planners are usually sparse and boring... I'm always at a loss for how to fully utilize/decorate the space. As I was switching between planners recently, I suddenly had an idea... I could use the adorable Felicity Jane patterned papers in place of the notepads that I *never* use to add a personal touch!

I quickly measured the paper pads (6cm x 9cm) and trimmed some patterned paper strips to 6cm x 18cm (doubling the length, so I could tuck it behind in the slit pockets). Then, I just folded the patterned paper in half and decorated the fronts.

Kikki K front pocket decor | felicity_jane | Julie Kinneeveauk

The size was perfect for holding one of the cute tags from the Happy Day cut-apart sticker sheet. Here I used the soft gingham print and stamped a little message from the Happy Day stamp set. I added the fun cherries, and used washi strips to "hold" the tag as well as pretend ribbon through the top of the tag.

Kikki K front pocket decor | @felicity_jane | Julie Kinneeveauk

Always trying to achieve function as well as "cuteness" I thought this spot would be a perfect place to hold some sticky notes.  These strawberry-shaped sticky notes were from my stash, but worked perfectly with the kit's theme.

Kikki K front pocket decor | @felicity_jane | Julie Kinneeveauk

Flipping through my kits' contents, I realized these white tags would be another great way to hold some extra sticky notes or just to have on hand to jot a quick reminder.  I added some message stamps from the Happy Day set.. so cute.

Kikki K front pocket decor | @felicity_jane | Julie Kinneeveauk

The Happy Day kit has added some FUN, playful, summery accents to my planner, and I'm thrilled with the results.  

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