“Love You More” Layout | Celes Gonzalo

“Love You More” Layout | Celes Gonzalo

It's my turn on the blog today ! I'll be creating with all the collections I have. Today we are going to mix all our paper packs. YAY! It’s like a party for me! And as I love to create with rainbows… we are going to make one…

Scrapbook Layout by Celes Gonzalo for Felicity Jane

I have two very special photos of my goddaughter. She is so sweet and pretty. And, like me, she loves rainbows. Every time I think about her... a rainbow comes to my mind.

I put all my papers on my table and I started to make a rainbow. My idea was to roll up strips of paper and make a beautiful rainbow. So, once I chose all the papers, I cut strips of 1 1/2” w x 4” h.

Scrapbook Layout by Celes Gonzalo for Felicity Jane

To roll up all the strips of paper, I simply used a pencil. Yes! Just a pencil. The resulting piece looks like a paper straw. But, before gluing the pieces to my base paper, I wanted to give it a touch of color. So, I decided to use some watercolors. The idea was to make it look like the watercolor came out of our paper straws.

I looked for watercolor colors that were similar to the colors of my papers and the result was amazing! Once I added all the watercolor colors, then I glued all the paper straws.

Tip: just paint a base for every color. Once you glue all the paper straws, you can fill in the empty spaces.

Scrapbook Layout by Celes Gonzalo for Felicity Jane

Time to add our photos! I decided to add small corners to them and some die cuts.  I also combined one phrase from the Capri Die Cuts Set with the Mari Chipboard Alphabet. It looks so lovely!

Using one of the papers from the Tori Paper Pack, I cut some “stars” or “confetti” to add small details of color.  I decorated them with some Tori Epoxy Dot Stickers… don’t you think they look amazing?

Scrapbook Layout by Celes Gonzalo for Felicity Jane

Shall we give it the final touch? For it I chose a die cut with the phrase “This Moment” and I added sewing details. Tender, sweet and very special!

I hope you like this idea and you find it really inspiring!

Enjoy your day and have a lovely week!

Celes Gonzalo for Felicity Jane

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