Creating Layers | Nancy Damiano

Creating Layers | Nancy Damiano

Latte Layout by Nancy Damiano | @Felicity Jane

Creating layers with bits of pattern is a beautiful way to showcase a photo + story. This one is about the time I found the holy grail of coffee at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. It was so good I had to take a photo to remember it. I can taste it just by looking at the photo. It was that good!

Latte Layout by Nancy Damiano | @Felicity Jane

The color in the photos aren't the liveliest, so placing it on a pop of color really helps! Each layer was embellished with a stitch of machine sewing at the very top. This adds texture and lets each layer stand out. The rubber charm circles and vellum add movement to the design.

Latte Layout by Nancy Damiano | @Felicity Jane

The title and background paper are where this design all started. I love the division of color and wood background in this pattern. To highlight it, I placed the veneer letters along the edge so that they would look like they were "painted" on the edge of the patterned paper. It's my favorite part of the layout!

Latte Layout by Nancy Damiano | @Felicity Jane

Highlighting stories is really important to me and finding different ways to do it - a challenge! Adding stamped phrases in different colors and lines of dots is a great way to mix it up and break up the (many) words I use. If you look closely, I also stamped the row of hearts directly on the photo just under my name. I used VersaFine ink and created some interest in a very white, boring portion of the photo. 

Latte Layout by Nancy Damiano | @Felicity Jane

Supplies Used:  Maggie August Kit | Paint Dipped Wood Alphabet | Maggie Stamp | Maggie Silicone Charms




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Nancy, love this!




WOW! I absolutely love your layout! Its so stunning and inspiring! Thanks so much Nancy :*


Totally brilliant idea to use the letters that way – I’m lifting that for sure :)
I had noticed the 3 hearts on the cup & thought, Wow – that’s so cool! It matches the stamp set!!!
I definitely need a coffee, lol…


That alphabet did not appeal to me at all until I saw how you used it on this layout—-extending it across both papers. I love everything about this layout. It’s clean and crisp with just the right amount of detail!

Barbara Eads

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