'Movie Night!' by Elsie Robinson | @FelicityJane

Movie Night! | Elsie Robinson

Now this might be one of my more slightly abstract train of thoughts, so bare with me here... But when I first saw this month's Sophie kit I thought: '1950s Diner'!

The vibrant combination of the pinks and blues with the classic Felicity Jane black and white prints, just reminded me of that candy-pop bygone era.

I decided to be inspired by that train of thought, so let me talk you through how I use a (rather random) moment of inspiration to influence my layout's design.

'Movie Night!' by Elsie Robinson | @FelicityJane

First off I head to Pinterest and I collate 5 or 6 images that I like, into a mood board. I try to keep the number of images I collect on the low side, because I find this helps me focus my design better.

The mood board doesn't necessarily have to be cohesive/aesthetically pleasing; just choose images which inspire you in one way or another. Shape, colour, text, motifs etc are all things I look out for. 

Here are the images I used:

'Movie Night!' by Elsie Robinson | @FelicityJaneBecause I knew I wanted to have a retro-looking sign as my main design element, three out of the five images are of signs.

I ended up choosing to follow a similar design to the enamel pin on the bottom right, because the design was simple enough to recreate. And so I used the other signs for inspiration on which fonts I should use.

'Movie Night!' by Elsie Robinson | @FelicityJane

I really loved the classic red pinstripe popcorn holders on the mood board, and so I decided to work with a movie theme and scrap two photos of my friends and I on one of our classic "pizza and a movie" nights!

I also made a little popcorn container and classic film camera silhouette to nestle alongside the photos for an added touch of cute and whimsy!

'Movie Night!' by Elsie Robinson | @FelicityJane

'Movie Night!' by Elsie Robinson | @FelicityJane

Adding extra details like using some modelling paste through a skyline stencil, helps to gives the layout perspective and sets a "scene". And how perfectly does that 'starting now' stamp work with the movie theme?!

'Movie Night!' by Elsie Robinson | @FelicityJane

Thanks for joining me today, and I hope you're inspired to channel some of those more "out there" ideas of yours into some fun layouts!

- Elsie x

Supplies Used: Sophie Kit | Sophie Stamp Set | Sophie Puffy Stickers | Sophie Silicone Charms | Flair "Good Stuff" | Happy Day Stamp Set | Sophie Subscriber Printables

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This is incredible. I’ve seen the layout already on Instagram and here I come, over to the blog to see it again. It’s just so decadent. I love the thought and inspiration behind it and the creativity it inspires!

Mandy Elliott

Girl, you are pure genius! xx


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