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"Movie Time" 6x8 Pocket Page Spread in my Note to Self Binder | Tiffany Julia

Hey everyone!

Tiffany here with a 6x8 pocket page spread using the gorgeous Millie and XOXO mini kit! I'm using my Note to Self binder again this year to document all of my little memories in a mixture of pocket pages and layouts. Recently, I've been spending my weekends watching a lot of movies I previously hadn't seen before, so I wanted to dedicate a spread in my album just for them.

Pocket Pages by Tiffany Julia for Felicity Jane

I began by printing out the movie posters of some of the films in a small 2x3 size, so that they fit on a 3x4 journaling card, but I also have room to layer behind them. My initial intention was to create little flaps that I could hide each photo under, since I thought the colors of each movie poster clashed with each other and the papers in the Millie kit. But I quickly realized that wasn't going to work, so I pulled out all of the yellow, black and white pieces from the kit, along with the XOXO 6x8 papers just to keep with one color scheme. I did add a few of the other colors of the kit later on when I embellished the pockets, but for the most part I found working with just those three colors really worked well in the end.

Pocket Pages by Tiffany Julia for Felicity Jane

I took this particular spread one pocket at a time. I like to treat my pocket pages like a layout, with each pocket as its own little layout that balances out the other side of pockets--if that makes sense. So I started on the top left, with The Hobbit poster. I used a ripped piece of tiny heart pattern paper from the XOXO paper pack and glued that to the back of one of the journaling cards, so that the grid peeked through on one side. I then layered a tag from the XOXO cut apart paper behind the photo. I embellished with a yellow starburst die cut and a red puffy sticker.

Pocket Pages by Tiffany Julia for Felicity Jane

Next to that card, I layered a bunch of pattern papers under the The Lord of the Rings poster, which I matted on some grid paper to repeat that grid element in this pocket. I used that bold yellow striped paper as my card base, then added a layer of that black and white squiggle paper on top. I kept this card really simple by giving it a few paper layers.

Pocket Pages by Tiffany Julia for Felicity Jane

To balance my spread out, I began working on the bottom right. For the Star Wars poster, I repeated the ripped tiny heart paper element from The Hobbit card, layering that piece over a bold yellow stripe paper card base, to get a bit of that yellow color peeking through. I used another one of the tags from the XOXO cut apart paper and layered that behind the photo. I embellished lightly again, with just a starburst die cut and another red puffy heart sticker.

Pocket Pages by Tiffany Julia for Felicity Jane

For the card next to that I have the movie poster to the live action Mulan. This particular poster had a lot of red in it, so I wanted to repeat what I did on The Lord of the Rings card for this one. So I matted the photo on some grid paper, then layered the other pattern papers behind it. Instead of that bold yellow stripe paper though, I used the paper with the yellow starburst pattern on it, again to repeat the color but make it different.

Pocket Pages by Tiffany Julia for Felicity Jane

For the top of the right side page, I have the Star Wars Episode 1 poster, which is very neutral in color. So I went with the black and white star paper for my card base. I then repeated the grid paper and the bold yellow stripe paper elements layered behind the photo. I used a tab from the XOXO cut apart paper at the top of the little photo cluster. I embellished this card with a label from the die cut pack, which I wrote out "Fav" in the mini essentials puffy alphabet stickers. I then added a plaid puffy heart to it, to finish it off. For the card next to it, I just used the ledger tag journaling card from the kit and kept it really simple by just having my journaling there.

Pocket Pages by Tiffany Julia for Felicity Jane

On the bottom left side, I repeated the black and white star pattern paper as my 4x6 card base, again to keep the entire spread balanced. I layered a ripped piece of the bold yellow stripe paper along the bottom to repeat that element as well and then I embellished with a few of the die cuts. I particularly like the ticket and cupcake, which I layered to the left of my title, because I feel like they represent my movie/junk food eating weekends quite well! I added one of the die cut buntings, a red starburst, and a tiny red heart to embellish along the top. Then in the red puffy alphabet stickers, I wrote out my title "Movie Time."

Pocket Pages by Tiffany Julia for Felicity Jane

I'm really quite pleased at how this pocket page spread turned out! I really struggled in the beginning to make all those posters work. I think limiting myself to just black and white, and one accent color really helped to bring the spread together. It's so handy that the FJ kits come with those neutral papers and the neutral XOXO paper pack add-on was just a lifesaver!! I was able to use so many of the elements and papers in that little kit to really put this spread together.

Pocket Pages by Tiffany Julia for Felicity Jane

Be sure to check out the entire process below to get a better idea of how this spread came together. I hope you enjoy!

xxx Tiffany

Tiffany Julia for Felicity Jane

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