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Today I am going to be sharing with you my week 27 in my Project Life® album, and also a little tip on how to tell a more complete story in your weekly albums.

First lets take a look at my spread for this week.

Banning Lane | @felicity_jane | "Happy Day"

So are you ready for my tip? When working on an album such as Project Life®, try to think what is different about this current week in your life, and what is the same. 

I find that when I am sit down to work on my album each Sunday, I am more excited about using the pictures and telling the stories that are new and fun. I think when I do this I am only telling half the story. I need to also document the things that are the same week after week to tell a more complete story of what my life looks like today.

Banning Lane | @felicity_jane | "Happy Day"

Picking my photos is usually my first step when working on this album. Some weeks, like this week, have A LOT of pictures. Asking myself the two simple questions of what is new and what is different helps me to narrow down the photos just a bit. 

This spread had two pictures of my daughter at the beach. The beach is the highlight of this camping spot, and when we camp here, we spend a lot of our time down at the lake. These two pictures were the answer to what is the same.

I also have a group picture of all of the cousins from my side of the family. It is not very often that we have the whole group together, so that definitley was the answer to what is different.

Banning Lane | @felicity_jane | "Happy Day"

Once I had all my photo's printed, I could start working with all the fun goodies in my kit to finish my spread... the fun part!

I knew I wanted to use some of the floral paper that came in the kit, and decided to make it my title card. I have been using the Daily stamp set to mark out my weeks. I love that I can use it in my planner and my Project Life® album. 

Banning Lane | @felicity_jane | "Happy Day"

I trimmed down some more of the kits patterned paper and used some vellum from my stash to make my second and third cards. I ended up journaling on both of these.

To embellish my spread I used a couple labels from the cut apart sheet, and a couple of items from the subscriber e-mail.

I started this spread a little overwhelmed because I had a lot of pictures to work with from a fun week spent with family. Reminding myself to document what was the same, and what was different about this camping trip really made it manageable.

If you would like to see how my week came together, you can check out my process video below

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Beautiful! Simplistic and simply gorgeous!


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