Off The Page "Happy Mail" | Nae Bowell

Off The Page "Happy Mail" | Nae Bowell

 Happy Mail by Renae Bowell | @FelicityJane

I think there is one thing I love more than scrapbooking and that one thing is Happy Mail! It's so amazing when you create that most perfect layout for your newest album featuring the most cutest photo ever, but for me, I love sharing my creativity and crafting with others. Happy Mail is such a great way to share your beautiful creations and to let others know that you thought of them and took the time to create something really beautiful just for them.

Happy Mail by Renae Bowell | @FelicityJane

When I am creating Happy Mail (or mini albums, the best thing is, this project works for both), I love adding in layers of different shapes, different textures. The Maggie kit is just so beautiful and light, it was prefect for adding in layers of tulle and vellum and creating a really lovely soft look. Adding in these layers and interest is a great way to keep your Happy Mail recipient or the viewer of your mini album excited to open and flip every single page. 

Happy Mail by Renae Bowell | @FelicityJane

My most favourite item in the Maggie kit were the adorable rubber shapes and charms. Those little love hearts had me singing for days. The tiny words work so perfectly with the super cute wooden alphas. Try combining the two to create a really unique look to your projects. 

Happy Mail by Nae Bowell | @FelicityJane

I find these little albums just the best thing when you have excess scraps and bits and pieces left over from your kits. I have combined some of my favourite pieces from the Happy Day kit with the bulk of the Maggie kit. The most fabulous thing about the Felicity Jane kits is that they all work so beautifully together, regardless of theme and colour scheme. 

I would love it if you could check out my flick through of the happy mail album.


I had such a great time making this little album, I would love to see your mini album, happy mail creations using this fabulous kit. 

Supplies Used: Maggie kit | Maggie Silicone charmsHappy Day kit 

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Forgive me, I ment ALBUM, fabulous mini album!!!


Nae, your page are absolutely Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!


Only because you oldies (no indication of age at all there :P ) rose the bar so high to start with! We feel we need to contribute equally lol. Love you Suse xoxo


Oh my goodness, you newbies are really raising the bar. Ulp. xx


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