Reagan Digital Kit in Your Planner | Sheree Forcier

Reagan Digital Kit in Your Planner | Sheree Forcier

Hi everyone!  Have you had a chance to play with the Reagan Digital Kit yet?  Today I’m going to share with you some pages that I’ve created for the planner section of my Note To Self Binder.

I used photoshop to create a title page, an inspirational page and two list pages using the digital kit then printed each page out with crop marks to make them easy to cut to size.  I’m certainly no expert in using Photoshop however I found it fairly east to play around with layering the elements to create the design I was after and I learned some things along the way too.

Here’s a look at my planner cover page.

I made sure to create a background the same size as the planner pages that I’m using in my binder.   I used Journaling Card 10 on top of the peaks Pattern background and added a strip of the black stripe pattern across the bottom. Then I added the digital ‘FOR THE RECORD’ stamp above the hearts and added the year as a text box underneath.

For my inspirational page I started with a white background, added a strip of the black stripe pattern across the top then a row of floral elements 3 and 23 across the bottom of the page in different sizes. The hearts (element 8) were added next then digital stamp 3, the lovely ‘follow your heart’ phrase (element 15) and the pink label (element 9). ‘Start today’ was layered onto the label using a text box.  I love how this page turned out and it’s a great reminder to myself at the beginning of my planner for the year!  I adhered this page to the back of my cover page and punched holes in the side to be able to insert them into my binder.

To go opposite this page I created a 2018 bucket list! This is a list my family started at the beginning of the year of things that we’d like to see or do and we’ll keep adding to it as we think of more.  It will be fun to see how many we tick off the list at the end of the year! I used a variety of stamps from the Reagan, Outline Alpha, Kate and Autumn Stamp sets to create this page and a strip of black and white patterned paper across the top to tie in with the inspirational page.

As mentioned before I also created ‘This Week’ and ‘Goals’ lists that I thought would be handy inserts to use in my planner.  For both of these I created a background that was 3.5 inches wide and the same height as my planner pages.  When I created the designs on these pages I made sure to leave a blank space to the left for punching my holes.

For the This Week’ insert I used the pink label element 20 then layered a text box on top for the title, the floral element 3 at the bottom and a text box to create the lines.  For the ‘Goals’ page I  simply created a different title using the goals label (element 11). After printing these out and cutting them to size, I backed them with pretty papers from the Reagan kit then punched holes to insert them into my binder. I love that I can keep printing out as many as I like to use throughout the year!

These new additions to my planner will help keep me organised and on track, and I’m already thinking about what else I could make!  I hope I’ve given you some ideas on what you can create using the Reagan digital kit.  The possibilities are endless!


Supplies: Reagan Digital Kit | Reagan Stamp Set | Kate Stamp Set | Autumn Stamp Set | Outline Alpha Stamp Set | Note To Self A5 Lined Inserts | Note to Self Black and White Striped Binder

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Wow! Looks very pretty! That Photoshop is one of my goals every year! I really need to sit and master it! Thanks for sharing.

Jossie Segura

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