Scrap therapy | Suse

Scrap therapy | Suse

ScrapTherapy by Suse Fish | @FelicityJane

That's right: I have stuck the words 'sweet smile' over a pic of me looking like Goofy's long-lost aunt... it's part of the new self-accepting me and it's all feeling very positive and grown-up!

If you're anything like me, you waste a lot of time and energy beating yourself up for not being quite 'enough': not pretty enough, not perfect enough...

Well, this year, I decided enough really was enough: that 2017 would be the year I finally decide to accept and like myself just as I am.

ScrapTherapy by Suse Fish | @FelicityJane

To help chart my progress, I've started a new scrap project in the gorgeous little dotty binder we got in our Christmas kits. I'm working in it every single day and calling it my 'Scrap Therapy'.

It's my place to be completely 'me' - to make notes about the things I'm loving, the things I'm learning and all the messy mixture of things I'm feeling.

Having an inspirational cat sat on your desk while you work is entirely optional though - ha! 

ScrapTherapy by Suse Fish | @FelicityJane

Sometimes I have time to pop down a few stickers and a sentence or two. Today I had time to go a bit deeper and think about how it's time I thought more about the state of my heart than the straightness (or otherwise) of my quirky smile. 

ScrapTherapy by Suse Fish | @FelicityJane

I know Jen mentioned in her unboxing video that this month's 'Sophie' kit is another of her favourites and I'm totally with her on that one... it's all so pretty and a genuine struggle to work out which bits to leave out.

But you know me and my dots: that spotted card was the very first thing to go in!

ScrapTherapy by Suse Fish | @FelicityJane

I've kept my journalling a little bit tucked away... it's not super-private, but I do like to keep things a little interactive and interesting. I've used three different coloured sticky dots to mark a few thoughts about the past, the present and the future.

ScrapTherapy by Suse Fish | @FelicityJane

I bet I'm not alone in loving this *divine* little minty silicone embellishment... it totally deserved showcasing on it's own journalling card.

And now - if the cat's finally got off my kit - I'm heading back for more scrap therapy: utter bliss!

Supplies used: 'Sophie' kit | 'Sophie' puffy stickers | 'Sophie' silicone charms | FJ 'Sophie' stamp

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Ah Anne, you are wonderful xx


You had me with your first sentence, so funny. Everything is so beautiful, thank you for this inspiration. I love all the clustered details and the interactive journaling card. Dots are also my fave.


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