September Kit Reveal | Lola

September Kit Reveal | Lola

We are excited to share our new Lola collection - now available in the shop! 

A bit about Lola... 

When Lola walks into a room, you may not even notice her at first. She doesn't demand your attention the way others might. She doesn't need it. She's not there to steal the limelight. She is the light. She is the warm glow that rests upon everyone around her, making them more lovely and more special and more seen. Her eyes are the kind of sparkly that comes from knowing the difference between happiness and joy. Happiness comes and goes, but joy settles into your heart forever; stretching and sprawling like roots in search of people to share it with. That's exactly what Lola does best.

This kit was named after the real Lola - my grandma, Dellola. She was the original memory keeper in my family and a beautiful, generous person. She spent years, until physically not able, sewing clothing to donate to an orphanage supported by an organization called Care for Life. In her honor, a portion of the proceeds from the Lola collection will be donated here.

I hope you love the new products and can't wait to see what you create with them. 

xo - Jeana



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We at Care for Life can’t thank you enough for this! Glen

Glen G.

This is such a beautiful, heartwarming message!


This kit will have a special meaning to me as I have two precious Lola’s in my life, my ever giving and caring mother in law , Lola Mary Callaway and my precious granddaughter Lola Betty. I was so excited at the release of this months kit to see the name and how much your Lola means to you.

Valerie Callaway

This is such a wonderful way to give tribute a to such a hard working, good-hearted woman that deserves to be remembered in this generous, sweet way. You seem to follow in her foot steps in these ways :)


Your grandma, Dellola is lovely from the inside out! I love how you have described your grandma, “Not there to steal the limelight. She is the light!” Your new Lola collection exemplifies the inner beauty, light, and uniqueness of your precious grandma! ♥ #akleenexmoment

Linda Walton

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