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January 14, 2017


Hey! Dannielle and Nae here bringing you a fun new sketch for you to get creative with! It's always a lot of fun to see how two scrappers with pretty different styles take on the same sketch.

First off, lets take a look at the sketch.

Sketch Saturday | @FelicityJaneJust like any sketch you work with, you can make it work for your story or your style. You could easily change the one photo to two, or combine a couple of the grid boxes to create a bigger journaling space. 

Here is Dannielle's take on the sketch.

New Years Day by Banning Lane | @FelicityJane

Sketches are pretty fun to work with, and take most of the guess work out of creating a layout. I will usually stick pretty close to any sketch that I am working with, and only end up changes a few thing here and there if I need to. That is exactly what I did on the layout I am sharing with you today.

New Years Day by Banning Lane | @FelicityJane

I kept the grid portion of this layout basically just as the sketch shows. I really wanted to use one of the cut apart 3x4 cards for my journaling so I adjusted the proportions just a little. I also used a couple other 3x4 cards to create my tags for this layout. I loved the yellow and white striped card so much, and I knew I would be adding it to may layout somewhere. That tag might be my favorite part of this whole layout!

New Years Day by Banning Lane | @FelicityJane

I also decided to place my embellishment on the right hand side of my photo, instead of at the top. My photo had some white space on the left hand side, so it just worked better over there. The love circle came from the full page of cut apart embellishments. Seriously, a full page of beautifully awesome embellishments!!! I was pretty excited to see that in my kit.

New Years Day by Banning Lane | @FelicityJane

Pretty simple layout, but man do I love it. Plus it is the perfect layout to start my 2017 album! 

If you want to see how this layout came together, be sure to check out my process video below.

Here is Nae's take on the sketch.

Sketch Saturday by Nae Bowell | @FelicityJane

 Hey Lovelies, so here is my beautiful little take on the sketch that Dannielle created! I must say, our styles are a few worlds apart... I have to say I was a little nervous trying such a beautifully structured sketch but once I challenged myself, I loved the result. That is the best thing about sketches, the ability to push yourself creatively without over thinking design elements. I have been dying to scrap this adorable photo of my little nephew Vinnie from Christmas. He was such a darling and loved wearing his santa hat (despite the 30 degree plus summer day we had). I wanted to capture the summer feel of this moment in time and make it less about the giant red hat that was sitting on his head. 

Sketch Saturday by Nae Bowell | @FelicityJane

 I did change a few little bits and pieces when it came to the structure of the lower portion of the sketch, but I still maintained the same key elements.. 2 tags and a journalling box. Don't be afraid to add in elements that make a sketch your own.. The sketch had no layers behind the photo so I added in a few simple layers that wouldn't detract from the photograph. Another aspect I had to change so that the sketch worked for my style was the size of the page. Dannielle usually creates 8.5x11 layouts. I love these style of layouts but they just don't work for me, so instead I cut some of the patterned paper to the size of 8.5x11 to frame my entire composition and to anchor it on my 12x12 white page.  

Sketch Saturday by Nae Bowell | @FelicityJane

 You know me and my style enough now, I have to jazz up my layouts with sparkly things and enamel dots so why would a sketch be any different... I absolutely adore those lovely little puffy stickers from the kit.. I don't normally journal on my layouts and rather just let my creativity tell the story but I busted out my old Project Life tendencies and created some pretty journalling strips from one of the 3x4 cards on the cut apart sheet. As always I have a little process video for you all. I do hope you will take a short coffee break to sit back and check it out. 

 I hope you loved looking at how two completely different styles of scrapbooker can transform one layout into two beautifully unique designs. We would love to see your take on the sketch so don't forget to link us to your take on the sketch in the comment below. 

 Supplies used: January Kit 'Sophie''Sophie' Paper Add-on | Sophie puffy stickersSophie solid paper add-on

Dannielle | Banning Lane
Dannielle | Banning Lane


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