Smile Layout | Suse Fish

Smile Layout | Suse Fish

Hello friends! It is just beyond lovely to be back with you sharing work created with these gorgeous kits. Being back on the Felicity Jane team feels like coming home, and to say I am in my element playing with these beautiful products again would be understatement of the century!

For this layout, I wanted to get a bit artsy with my background. Every now and then, I do like to push myself with mixed media, layering up some products and just experimenting to see what effects I can get. With this fluid approach, it was impossible to resist turning to my very favourite technique ever: creating homemade butterflies by layering up pretty much every pattern in the Alexis kit!

My page documents the little routine Mittens and I have of snuggling up together to watch scrappy youtube videos in the evening. I can never resist quizzing my family to see if they can spot the scrapbooker by voice alone: both hubby and daughter are growing an impressive knowledge of scrapbookers and facts about their families and lives!

Don’t you just adore the puffy words in this kit? I’ve been so tempted to hoard these beauties, but have forced myself to add them to my projects and each and every time, they’ve given the piece that really crisp, finished look that just brings everything together so well.

I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed playing with the stamp set, stamping words and patterns into my background as well as elsewhere around my page. 

So how about you? Do you have a favourite everyday routine that you have yet to document? We should be sure to get them into our albums alongside the bigger, more exciting moments: I’m so convinced that it’s these simple little moments of joy that make our lives what they are. See you again very soon!


Supplies: Alexis Kit | Alexis Paper Pack | Alexis Stamp Set | Alexis Die Cut Shapes | Alexis Puffy Titles 

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You are right, everyday moments are important and have to be documented too.

How do you store your layouts and how/who do you take all the pictures of yourself?

I love love love your layout. The Butterflies are beautiful and also the background.


Absolutely beautiful!! Yes, those puffy words make perfect titles ;)

Andrea Burrell

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