'Gingerbread House' by Elsie Robinson | @FelicityJane

Sweet Christmas! | Elsie Robinson

Hey everyone! It's Elsie here today and I've got a super festive layout to share with you!

'Gingerbread House' by Elsie Robinson | @FelicityJane

One thing I especially love to document at this time of year is the recipes my family and I are baking. We bake a lot in our household, and so it's nice to jot down and keep recipes we can bring out and make year after year. Gingerbread is my absolute favourite Christmas bake, and was this layout's inspiration!

This may honestly be the most elaborate way that I've ever documented a recipe, but at least this gingerbread house has fewer calories than its namesake...

'Gingerbread House' by Elsie Robinson | @FelicityJane

I used the gorgeous woodgrain paper in the Hello, Christmas! kit as the base of my gingerbread house and people. It's obviously not an exact colour match to real-life gingerbread, but because it's a lighter shade of brown I think the idea still works well.

Little details like fussy-cutting that little mug from the cut-apart sheet and adding a gingham bow to the gingerbread people really gives them a little bit of personality and makes them look even more adorable!

'Gingerbread House' by Elsie Robinson | @FelicityJane

As gingerbread houses are usually decorated with icing, I decided that the best way to get an "icing look" was to do some embossing. I love the way this looks because, like icing, the embossing paste has a slight sheen to it. 

The stamp sets in our kits are invaluable, they're a real stash-builder. I used the Oh Deer and Hello, Christmas! stamp sets as well as some sets from previous kits, which are still available to buy in the shop (they're all listed at the bottom of this post!)

'Gingerbread House' by Elsie Robinson | @FelicityJane

'Gingerbread House' by Elsie Robinson | @FelicityJane

The design of this layout kind of overtook my page and I didn't really have a place to put my photo, but I think that's okay. I just had so much fun making this page, that I really don't mind the photo not being immediately visible. 

However I did want to add a photo and jot down my gingerbread recipe, so I grabbed one of the paper bags from the Hello, Christmas! kit and decided I would use it to create a little pocket to stick to the back of the layout, which could house my recipe and photo.

'Gingerbread House' by Elsie Robinson | @FelicityJane

I added a couple of the half tags, from the cut-apart sheets, to the photo/recipe card to make it easier to pull out. I also created a little notch using a 1inch circle punch so the tag would more easily accessible.

'Gingerbread House' by Elsie Robinson | @FelicityJane

This stamp really made me chuckle when I first saw it and I thought it would be the perfect embellishment for this photo because ya know... you roll out gingerbread dough... Ha ha... *slow clap*

'Gingerbread House' by Elsie Robinson | @FelicityJane

Excuse my chicken scratch, but this recipe card from one of the cut-apart papers was the simplest and prettiest way to jot down my recipe. I honestly considered typing the recipe because my writing is kind of scruffy, but I think there's something so personal and wonderful about baking something from a handwritten recipe, so I was brave and just went for it!

'Gingerbread House' by Elsie Robinson | @FelicityJane

What I love most about this layout, and scrapbooking in general, is that although the edible kind (!) of gingerbread I'll be making this holiday season is perishable, this layout will last a lot longer. It's like a little forever gingerbread house and there's something kinda magic about that, isn't there?

Here's a link to my process video, so you can see how I put this layout together:

I won't be back on the blog again until the New Year, so I hope you have a really wonderful Christmas and New Year, and I'll see you again in 2017!

- Elsie x

Supplies Used: Oh Deer Kit | Hello, Christmas! Kit | Oh Deer Patterned Paper Add-On | Hello, Christmas! Patterned Paper Add-On | Happy Day Stamp Set | Hello, Christmas! Stamp Set  | Oh Deer Stamp Set | Tuesday Stamp Set | Maggie Stamp Set | Hello, Christmas! Silicone Charms | White Alphabet Stickers 

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